Founder2Founder – Danielle Lewis (Scrunch) – Y(E)P Ipswich


Online event

Danielle is the Co-Founder & CEO of Scrunch, a global multi-channel Influencer Marketing Platform and Agency.
Scrunch launched in late 2014, and since then has raised $3Million in capital, built a world-class team and launched a global SaaS platform, setting up HQ in Brisbane, Australia.
The Scrunch platform enables brands and agencies to discover the right Influencers for their campaigns through proprietary influencer audience insights plus a world first education for the Influencer Marketing industry through.
Danielle and her team have been proven to be game-changers in the Influencer Marketing world, taking on massive advertising campaigns, collaborating with the likes of Amazon, Deliveroo, NewsCorp, Publicis Mojo, Under Armour, Youfoodz and more.
When she’s not building the Scrunch empire, she’s sharing her love for sales and sales education for startup founders over at Sales & Wine.
Outside of business, Danielle’s heart belongs to travel, yoga, champagne and her cats Sanchez + Arancini.
Check out Scrunch here:
The Founder 2 Founder series is a series of informal events with in-person and virtual entrepreneurs sharing their journey, tips, and strategies to become a successful high-growth technology startup. The event will provide you with the opportunity to practice pitching your startup, ask questions in a safe environment, and connect with other tech entrepreneurs in regional Queensland.
The event follows Chatham House rules where information is shared and able to be used by participants but not repeated. Therefore, these events are not recorded. We welcome current and aspiring founders and employees of regional startups.
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