Express Your Value: How to Say it Succinctly – Y(E)P Ipswich

THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 4, 2021 AT 9:30 AM – 11 AM

Business Ipswich – Fire Station 101

You know that panicky, muddled feeling you get when you’re asked to explain what you or your business is about?
Your mouth goes dry, there’s a knot tightening in your torso, and your mind goes blank……um…err…help!
In this workshop with communication expert Leanne Wyvill, you’ll find your voice and learn how to express the value of what you do with confidence.
Leanne will share:
Why you need to capture and communicate value concisely (in person and on paper)
Why the people you want to impress appreciate brevity and clarity
How perceived value influences action
How to distil what you have to offer into something that’s easily understood by someone else
Easy strategies you can try straight away to express value in helpful and respectful ways
Leanne Wyvill is an experienced communications professional who helps people in business express their ideas with confidence.
She founded Presence Communications in 2013 – a training and services consultancy which helps teams work better together with tailored business communication skills training, insightful True Colors empathy-building workshops, and one-to-one executive coaching.
Her handbook for public speakers, Chicken In – ditch the nerves and pitch the power, offers more than 150 practical tips for presenting under the spotlight with confidence. Workshop attendees will receive a promo code to purchase the book for half price.
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