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Workplace Mental Health Obligations

Learn how to fulfil your work health and safety obligations for mental health and create a safe, healthy workplace.
💼 Prioritise mental well-being, foster a supportive environment and equip yourself with the knowledge to promote mental health at work.
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What is a mentally healthy workplace?

In a mentally healthy workplace, people feel supported, happy coming to work and comfortable talking about mental health. A mentally healthy workplace is generally one in which:

  • there is a positive workplace culture and an understanding that mental health is everyone’s responsibility
  • stress and other risks to mental health are managed
  • people feel safe and supported to talk about mental health
  • mental health support is tailored for individuals and teams.

Benefits of creating a mentally healthy workplace

Creating a mentally healthy workplace has many benefits to the people around you as well as your business operations. It’s also a legal requirement for business owners.

The benefits include:

  • less staff absenteeism and lost working days
  • increased productivity
  • greater job satisfaction
  • reduced staff turnover
  • you attract talented workers.

Work health and safety obligations

As a business owner, you have a duty under work health and safety (WHS) laws to manage risks to your workers’ mental health arising from their work. You’re legally required to look after your workers’ mental health under a variety of laws. This includes:

  • Providing a physically and mentally safe workplace and managing any risks to the mental health of your workers arising from the work of your business (WHS laws).
  • Preventing discrimination against workers with a mental health condition (anti-discrimination laws).
  • Protecting your workers’ personal information – don’t tell anyone about your workers’ mental health conditions unless they agree to it (privacy laws).
  • Not taking any unfair action against someone because of their mental health condition (fair work laws).

Manage mental health risks

Risks to mental health can be managed through the same process as you use for physical risks:

  •  identify the hazards
  •  assess the risks
  •  control the risks
  •  continually review the control measures to make sure they are working.

As with physical risks, you should involve and consult your workers throughout this process. Your workers are a great source of information on the risks in their work and options to manage these.

To identify the hazards:

  •  have regular conversations with your workers to find out how they are
  •  understand causes of stress in the workplace and manage them
  •  look out for signs of stress in your workers.

Stress is the physical, mental and emotional reactions you have when the demands of your job exceed your ability or resources to cope. Stress itself is not an injury but if prolonged or severe can cause psychological and physical injury.

Promote good mental health in your business

There are simple steps you can take to build and promote a mentally healthy workplace:

  1. Protect your employees from bullying, harassment or discrimination.
  2. Ensure your staff have the right level of training and support.
  3. Talk to your employees about mental health in the workplace – be open about mental health and check in to see how they are going.
  4. Provide a healthy work/life balance.
  5. Make sure your employees know where to go for help.
  6. Look after yourself – running a business can be tough, but there is help available.

Regional Workforce Development Forum

Hosted by Regional Development Australia Ipswich & West Moreton Inc

Join in  for an evening of insightful discussions and networking opportunities as we explore the current and future workforce needs in the Ipswich region. Hear from industry experts and share your thoughts on workforce planning. Refreshments will be provided.

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Grants available in our region

Don’t miss out on these amazing grants! Whether you’re a small business, community group, educator, or artist, funds are available to support your projects.
Check eligibility and apply now!
Visit the RDA Ipswich & West Moreton website to find out more!

Gambling Community Benefit Fund now OPEN

Gambling Community Benefit Fund has a super round of $100,000 that closes on 30 April.

This is an amazing opportunity to get some infrastructure projects underway.

Remember their number one priority is natural disaster damage and second is equipment or facility improvements.

Don’t forget to think out side the box with who can partner with you and how this can generate income for you to get higher in the scoring rankings.

NB if you are on Council land please remember to contact us for approvals.

Strengthening Rural Communities – Prepare & Recover Grant

The Strengthening Rural Communities (SRC) Prepare & Recover program supports communities in remote, rural and regional communities across Australia to implement initiatives that prevent and prepare for future climate related impacts, or recover from existing disasters in the medium to long-term timeframe, generally one to ten years after the disaster.

Grants up to $25,000 are available for a broad range of initiatives to strengthen the capacity and capability of local people, organisations, networks, and systems that help communities to be informed, skilled, connected and resourced for the future.

Specifically, SRC Prepare & Recover will support communities impacted by the following disasters:

  • 2019/20 Black Summer bushfires;
  • 2021 NSW storms and floods;
  • 2021 WA Tropical Cyclone Seroja; and
  • 2022 flood events across regions of NSW, QLD, SA, TAS, VIC and WA;
  • 2022/23 Ex-Tropical Cyclone Ellie and associated flooding across regions of WA and NT.


NOTE: There are two streams of funding available within the Strengthening Rural Communities (SRC) Program: Small and Vital and Prepare and RecoverOrganisations may submit their application in one of these streams per SRC grant round, and any other applications in this round will be considered ineligible.

There are limited funds available to support 2019/20 Black Summer bushfires projects in Round 21, and likely the final round to support this specific disaster.

Please check the full guidelines for specific eligible locations listed by Local Government Area. If you believe that you are in a disaster impacted community that is not listed, please call us on 1800 170 020 to discuss. If your project does not relate to these specific natural disasters, please complete an SRC Small & Vital application.

If you want to discuss a project to support disaster preparedness, please call us on 1800 170 020.

Oceania Time Trial Championships – Mount Walker Road Impacts

Community Event Notification One: Oceania Time Trial Championships
Saturday 13 April 2024

From the organisers:

Road Impacts

To deliver a safe and secure event for participants and spectators, there will be impacts to roads and changed traffic conditions. We understand that events such as the Oceania Time Trial Championships can alter the regular flow of traffic and every effort is being made to consider individual circumstances and minimise inconvenience.

Detailed road information and timing, including a map, is available at

The Oceania Time Trial Championships will include the following type of road impacts: 

Full Road Closure
Roads are closed in both directions.

Changed Conditions
A traffic control treatment (ie. signage) is applied but there will be no changes to the normal movement of traffic.

Please see the table below for full details of all roads impacted.

Road/Site Between Type Start End
Rosewood Warrill View Road Between Stokes Crossing Road and Rosevale Road Full Road Closure 13/04/2024 06:00 13/04/2024 13:00
Rosevale Road Between Rosewood Warrill View Road and Tarome Road Full Road Closure 13/04/2024 06:00 13/04/2024 13:00
Tarome Road Between Rosevale Road and H Christensen Road Full Road Closure 13/04/2024 06:00 13/04/2024 13:00
Elavesor Drive Between Rosevale Road and Tarome Road Changed Conditions 13/04/2024 06:00 13/04/2024 13:00


We are also inviting local schools, sporting groups and community organisations to apply for grants and provide volunteers to assist with their fundraising. View more information HERE!


We encourage all cafes and shops to send through promotional artwork for Facebook and email newsletters. We are always seeking local products for promotions and local tourism information to encourage families to return to the area.


Get in touch with any concerns so we they consider plans in advance to accommodate your requirements.

If you have any questions/concerns, please do not hesitate to contact by phone on 07 312 460 99 or by email to [email protected].

Available now – energy efficiency rebates for small-to-medium businesses

Rebates for energy efficient appliances and equipment are available now to help drive down electricity consumption and costs for small-to-medium Queensland businesses.

The Queensland Business Energy Saving and Transformation (QBEST) Rebates program offers rebates of up to 50% for the purchase and installation of eligible energy efficient appliances and equipment, up to a maximum of $12,500.

Eligible energy efficiency measures available include heating and cooling systems, variable speed drives, 4-star energy rated appliances and lighting upgrades. Eligible businesses must spend a minimum of $8,000 (excluding GST) on the purchase and installation of eligible equipment / appliances to apply.

To be eligible for a rebate, businesses must purchase and install eligible equipment from 5 October 2023, and meet the program eligibility criteria. It is important that businesses read the application guideline available on here to check their eligibility. Funding is limited and will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.

By participating in the QBEST Rebates program, Queensland small-to-medium businesses can benefit from significant savings on energy efficiency while contributing to a greener future. For more information about the program and the application process, please visit the Queensland Government   website.

Regional Networker Grant

The Regional Networker Grant Program is part of Queensland Small Business Month 2024 (QSBM2024) and aims to ensure more Queensland small businesses have access to support and information relevant to their local industry, community and region.

The program provides funding to eligible regional chambers of commerce and industry, small business and industry associations and local councils to run events and activations as a part of QSBM2024.

This funding is specifically focused on regional and remote areas of Queensland with the purpose of generating stronger networks for small businesses across regional Queensland.

Applications will be competitively assessed based on the impact that the funded activity will have on the relevant local small business community.

Applicants can only apply for funding for events or activities held in May as part of QSBM2024.

Available funding

Upfront funding of $2,000 (excluding GST) is available for eligible organisations. Successful applicants do not have to co-contribute to this grant, but successful applicants must pay for any related expenses more than the approved funding amount.

For more information about eligibility criteria and how to apply, visit the Queensland Government Business Website.

Business Grants

Check out the latest business and community grant opportunities available!

Grants and funding opportunities range from community streams through to assistance provided by all levels of government.

Explore the latest business and community grant opportunities available in the Ipswich and West Moreton region.

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