Business Strategic Planning Workshop

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Strategic planning helps identify where you want to go and the most efficient way to get there. In business, it’s about uncovering opportunities and analysing the requirements for organisational success by ensuring efficient future allocation of:
• money
• time
• resources and physical assets such as staff, people, land, buildings, equipment, technology and IP.
The Department of State Development, Manufacturing, Infrastructure and Planning invites you to this workshop as part of its support to regional businesses. Attendees will learn how strategic planning can help them:
• set direction and identify organisational priorities
• ensure staff are working to consistent goals
• support and simplify business decision making
• align effort toward priorities
• communicate business priorities.
Attending this workshop will help you to:
• focus on your business’ vision and mission statement
• develop long term strategic thinking and areas for discussion by all levels of management
• establish longer-term time frames for work planning and engage staff on activities aligned with a strategic focus
• improve how and where resources are allocated and
• improve business decision making.

Business Strategic Planning Workshop
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