Workforce Connect Fund

The Workforce Connect Fund is an initiative designed to increase investment in industry and community-led projects that address attraction, retention and participation issues within the workforce.


It aims to drive systemic, industry-wide change in relation to these issues to enhance workforce outcomes for employers, employees and jobseekers.


The Workforce Connect Fund will fund large, scalable projects delivered by industry peak bodies and community peak organisations to connect, develop and implement new and innovative strategies, services and/or mechanisms that support the attraction and retention of employees now and into the future.


It will also provide funding to small businesses that identify an immediate need for new and innovative Human Resource (HR) solutions to support their business.


For large-scale projects delivered by industry peak bodies and community peak organisations, funding is available for a maximum 12-month term. The level of funding depends on the nature of the project and is capped at up to $1 million.


For eligible small businesses, up to $5,000 is available to provide immediate human resources (HR) support and advice (subject to funding availability).


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