Scenic Rim’s iconic wildlife to feature in landmark artwork

Wildlife for which the Scenic Rim is renowned will feature in a 44-metre long mural that will become one of the largest public artworks in the region, adding colour and vibrancy to the Boonah town centre.

Following community consultation, and on the recommendation of the Scenic Rim Arts Reference Group, Council at its Ordinary Meeting this week approved artist Ash Taylor’s concept for what will become a local landmark in Walter Street.

Inspired by the Scenic Rim’s Biodiversity Strategy (2015-2025), the mural features two of Queensland’s threatened species, the Spotted-Tailed Quoll and the Glossy Black Cockatoo, along with the bird’s sole source of food, the She-oak.

Scenic Rim Arts Reference Group Chair Cr Michael Enright said that feedback, provided through the Let’s Talk Scenic Rim online community engagement platform and public comment at the Boonah Library, showed strong support for Ash Taylor’s concept.

“This was one of three finalists – including Yannick Blattner’s concept featuring Rainbow Lorikeets frolicking in Eucalyptus foliage, and Colleen Lavender’s tribute to the horses which built our nation – selected from the 15 submissions received by Council and presented to the community for two weeks of public comment, which closed on 3 June 2022,” he said.

“These three finalists were considered by the Arts Reference Group, which assessed the outcomes of the community feedback, and the concepts based on their artistic merit, success in meeting the project brief, project management and viability and technical skill, with the result that Ash Taylor’s was the recommended design.”

In her proposal, Ash Taylor said her concept for the Boonah mural considered contemporary design principles to engage and intrigue the audience and share facets of the Scenic Rim’s identity.

The use of the common names of the species depicted in the artwork aims to encourage the residents and visitors to the region to discover more about the plants and wildlife featured in the mural.

“The design highlights the Glossy Black Cockatoo and its source of food, the She-oak, found throughout the region, and also brings attention to Spotted-Tailed Quolls as the incredible achievement of the community and Council combined confirmed their local existence after they were declared extinct,” Ms Taylor said.

The $25,000 mural project will be funded from the Scenic Rim Story Marker Project budget as part of the revitalisation of Boonah, with the artwork providing a landmark for the local community and a wayfinder for visitors to the Scenic Rim.

With a total length of 44 metres, the wall facing Walter Street represents a blank canvas that will be transformed as one of the largest public artworks in the Scenic Rim.

“On behalf of Council, and the nine community representatives who comprise the Arts Reference Group, I would like to thank everyone who took the time to provide feedback which has contributed to the choice of this spectacular public artwork,” Cr Enright said.