YEP Ipswich – Winning with Google and SEO

Thursday 17th March 2022
6pm – 8pm
Location – Firestation 101 – 101 Limestone street, Ipswich, QLD, Australia, Queensland

The world of business is highly competitive and small business owners look for ways to market their small businesses on the internet. Google provides great exposure to a small business struggling to get noticed. Discover how to capture potential customers who are searching for your business with buying intent.
In this workshop, Gerard Doyle, Fractal Owner & Creative Director will introduce you to the fundamentals of both paid Google Ads and the “mysterious” art of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). This workshop is designed for business owners who also do their own marketing.
You will learn:
– Why Google ranks some websites higher than others
– What you can do to help your website appear higher in Google
– How Google Advertising works
– How to find search terms to target
– How to optimise your advertising campaign